Project Description


Several years ago I went on a trip to Oman. I did not know what to expect but the country had my interest.

But what a great country it. I arrived in Muscat. A beautiful city where it feels like you've stumbled into a fairy tale. This small white town consists of low-rise buildings with colored masonry gates, domes and mosaics. The Mutrah Souk you can wander among a maze of streets full of trinkets and treats. Furthermore, the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is unique in its kind with the largest hand-knotted carpet in the world and stunning Swarovski crystal chandeliers. Just beautiful!

But what mostly has impressed during my trip was my visit and overnight in the desert Wahiba Sands. The desert is indescribable. The towering sand dunes of red sand seem to disappear behind the horizon, and as you progress into the desert only attracts the area is just beautiful and untouched. Staying in a great traditional Bedouin tent in the desert and in the evening enjoy a truly incredibly beautiful starry sky. Really fantastic!

But my visit and stay in Rass Al Jins, the breeding ground for giant tortoises was impressive. You see the little turtles crawl out of their egg shell and on their own run to the sea. Yes what can I say, that you must experience for yourself!

Oman I can best describe as a fascinating Asian tale with an ancient civilization, impressive desert scenery, beautiful oases and wadis and rugged mountain ranges. A land full of history and historical sites. The people are incredibly friendly and welcoming and the country is very safe. But also beautiful western and luxury hotels on the beautiful beaches make for a memorable vacation.

Oman is a real "must see and do" holiday. Highly recommended!